OLD ROBLOX REVIVAL PROJECTS as of 9/3/2020 DEAD REVIVALS:Meaxico,Nobelium,Eyche,Bloxra,Goodblox(atm),Archway,Yuridev,Explorium,Piptopia,Eraphictoria,rbxserice,cologne,dynafox,otorium,Skye(was shit),Rblxhub(do i even need to explain how shit this was),Roclassic(created by billy's bofriend noughplenty),Rainer(the owner xvincock is retarded),Rbxbanland,epicblox,rbxlegacy,vaporblox (was shit),pizza.revival(was an experiment) ,narium (cukesim's version) ,narium 1 (parallelogram's version),ferium,rbxanus,sexblox,phoenix ALIVE REVIVALS Finobe:2012,2016 clients Status:private site:finobe.com Roblonium:Late 2013 status:public site:roblonium.com Novetus:2007M-2011M status:public site:its a launcher,but heres the link to download it lol https://bitl.itch.io/novetus Graphictoria:uhhh i forgot aa status:public site:there is no site Karlblox:2008 and 2010 status:uhh public i guess site:(uhhhh redacted i guess lol) rebelium:2010 and 2012 status:private site:(redacted) novetus+ (it isn't a revival but its worth mentioning lol):2012L-2014L status:public site:epicgamers.xyz (im not listing any shit revivals because funny) marioblox:2009-2011e status:public site:there is no site